Bicycle Fabrications was founded in 2007. Our main passion has always been gravity racing oriented, but in the early days we were building all sorts of things. We thought we were going to be like any other small builder – taking orders for whatever people wanted us to make them. If you take a look at our past projects, you’ll get some idea of the range we covered – everything from road bikes to a tandem downhill bike to a wooden-tubed lugged bike.

After a couple years, it became clear that we were spreading ourselves too thin. We really wanted to focus on developing the kind of bikes that we were most interested in riding ourselves. There are plenty of options for people who want road bikes and beach cruisers, but not a lot of options for those of us that want  built-to-order, high performance, low-maintenance steel full-suspension bikes. A lot of stuff on the market gives you the impression that when you buy a bike, most of the money goes to the graphic designer, the paint shop, and the warranty department. We wanted to give an alternative to the privateer enthusiast, the rider who doesn’t want dozens of tiny bearings or linkages that look like they’re meant to confuse more than to perform. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.